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  New CD
"Here's a Health to the Company"

Paul Stowe
Solo CD

Ten Thousand Miles I’ve Travelled


Across The Sea


Matching Ties Live


Crossing The Bridge


Matching Ties Nr 1


Matching Ties is an Irish, English and Scottish folk group with members from the U.S.A., England, Ireland and Germany based in southeastern Germany. Their unique blend of traditional Irish/Celtic folk with a modern twist and a touch of American bluegrass and mountain music is their trademark. The core of the band is their duo, which expands to line-ups from permanent members in their trio and quartet to special guest musicians in their quintet. Among the best multi-instrumentalists in the European folk scene on stringed instruments, flutes, pipes and percussions, they are also excellent singers and seasoned entertainers. Since 1986 they have performed over 3000 times at every imaginable acoustic and folk music event and venue throughout Europe and in the U.S.A. In addition to their concerts they present Irish Folk Nights in which they accompany Irish dancers.

Paul Stowe
Trevor Morriss
Peter Corbett
Konrad Stock


Please visit the websites of
Matching Ties’ sister band
Grass Root Ties
bluegrass, blues & swing

Paul Stowe
folk & blues solo



Please note that members of all the line-ups below are interchangeable, so that in addition to the nucleus duo Paul Stowe and Trevor Morriss, any combination of the musicians below is possible (trio to quintet).

  The Duo
  The Trio
  The Quartet
  Matching Ties is a Munich area and southern Germany based international Irish, Scottish, and English folk and acoustic music group. The name and the matching ties they wear on stage are symbolic of the ties between these musicians of different nationalities, united in their international, above all Irish, Scottish, English and American blend of music. They perform as a duo with founding members American Paul Stowe and Englishman Trevor Morriss (guitars, mandolin, Irish bouzouki). Trio and quartet line-ups include regular members Irishman Peter Corbett on the fiddle and Munich bodhrán (Irish drum), tin and low whistle and bagpipe player Konrad Stock. They are also joined on occasion by select international guest musicians who are among the best in the European scene to form a quintet. Since 1986 they have brought their blend of Irish and British folk, bluegrass, newgrass, and acoustic country, blues and swing to a wide variety of venues throughout Europe and in the USA. The duo continues to play this blend whilst the larger line-ups concentrate on Irish and British folk. In 2011 the group split into 2 groups. Matching Ties focusing on Irish and British folk, and Grass Root Ties took over the American bluegrass, blues, swing and country repertoire (click here for information about Grass Root Ties). From smaller stages such as cabarets, folk clubs, and music pubs to larger city, cultural, folk, guitar, bluegrass and country festivals they adapt to any performance situation. Their show is full of spontaneous sketches and humor, finding the right balance between their love for the beauty and complexity of the music, but showing the audience at all times that they are having fun. Their music has been represented on 4 CDs to date.

Their latest production, the live DVD/CD set “25th Anniversary Performances” was released on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in August 2011. They also perform as a dance band accompanying Irish dancers at Irish folk nights in halls and venues organized in cooperation with various cultural promoters by Paul Stowe, often joined by a 2nd or 3rd band in an unforgettable evening of Irish and Celtic folklore. Please click here for more information about Irish Folk Nights.

The Duo - Paul Stowe (USA) & Trevor Morriss (GB)
Paul Stowe (USA) & Trevor Morriss (GB) acoustic and steel-bodied guitars, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, mouth harp, vocals
The common ties between the respective musical cultures of American Paul Stowe and Englishman Trevor Morriss form the cornerstone of the Matching Ties repertoire. As accomplished stylists in many folk directions, they blend Irish, English, Scottish folk with a touch of bluegrass and blues into their own unique mixture. Paul and Trevor founded Matching Ties in 1986, and have since played the incredible sum of some 3000+ concerts together. Well arranged instrumental parts and exact, expressive harmony vocals produce a full, round sound. Spontaneous sketches and clowning loosen up their show, and create a personal atmosphere. Whether they’re playing in a pub or at a festival, for 20 or 2000 listeners, they always manage to steal the show, often over-shadowing larger bands in this style. Years of professional experience has molded these likeable musicians into a perfect team. As virtuosi on their respective instruments, Paul and Trevor have long been a part of the elite circle of musicians in the European acoustic and folk music scenes.

The Trio- Paul Stowe (USA) & Colm O'Tuama (IRL) Trevor Morriss (GB))
The Trio

The Duo plus Peter Corbett (IRL)
As a trio Matching Ties becomes a “small band" with Irish violinist (fiddler) Peter Corbett originally from Limerick, Ireland. Peter is the perfect addition to the established team of Paul and Trevor.
His wide knowledge and repertoire of Irish and Celtic folk expands the musical possibilities of the duo. Peter is a virtual walking encyclopedia of Irish and Celtic tunes (melodies) and songs. Having grown up in the heart of the Irish folk boom, his playing is virtuous and authentic.

is not only one of Europe’s top Irish folk fiddlers, but is also accomplished in bluegrass and other styles. Peter is also an authentic Irish singer with wide variety of songs, and a solid harmony singer.
He is also a great team member adding rhythmic support with long-bowing and “shuffling” techniques on violin. Please see the biography page for more information about Peter.

The Quartet, The Quintet

The Duo plus Peter Corbett (IRL) and Konrad Stock (D)
Peter and Konrad are presently the regular members of the Matching Ties-Quartet, which performs an increasing amount of the band’s concerts in middle-sized to larger venues.
Konrad Stock a veteran of the folk music scene from Munich, Germany joins Paul, Trevor and Peter on bodhrán (Irish drum), tin and low whistles, and Scottish Highland and Bourdon bagpipes, washboard kit and various percussions. His main duties are to keep the rhythm on the bodhrán, not only to the Irish/Celtic music, but uniquely to all the occasional novelty song on the bodhrán or his crazy washboard set, a folk drum kit with wood blocks, bongos, cow bells and cymbal. He is also an accomplished tin and low whistle player and (bag-)piper, and ushers the crowd in with a set of Scottish bagpipe tunes, or picks up the whistles to play duets and trio with Peter on tunes sets or ballads.
Please see the biography page for more information about Konrad.

The Quartet with GUEST MUSICIANS

Various instrumentalists join Matching Ties on fiddle, tin and low whistles, flute or bodhrán to form a quintet depending on their availability on the given date. The quintet mainly comes into action at the Irish Folk Nights as an added soloist for the tune sets (dance melodies) to accompany dancers, but may also appear at regular concerts. Drawing from a large pool of the best Irish/Celtic folk musicians based in Germany, or from Ireland, each guest is an added highlight to their program. As members of the Matching Ties extended family all of the guest musicians have toured with the band, and are very familiar with its repertoire. More information about Matching Ties guest musicians upon request.




Paul Stowe (Salt Lake City, USA) acoustic & steel-bodied guitars, mouth harp, vocal
Paul grew up in a classical music family in Hartford, Connecticut (USA), and began playing the guitar at the age of 12. After moving to Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) at the age of 16 he began to play street music, festivals and clubs in the Rocky Mountain area. After two years of touring throughout Europe with folk and blues bands, he toured Italy living in Florence for 1 year before moving to the Munich, and later the Munich, Germany area to join the country and bluegrass band "Kentucky Bluefield" and founded Matching Ties in 1986. Paul manages the band and books the Irish Folk Nights, and plays as a solo artist throughout Europe and in the U.S.A. He lives with his wife and 2 children southeast of Munich near Rosenheim, Germany.  
  Contact Paul Stowe: paulstowe [at] matchingties [dot] com  
  Paul Stowe Solo - more Info  
Trevor Morriss (London, GB) mandolin, mandola, Irish bouzouki, guitar, vocal
Trevor grew up in southeast London and in Cornwall, England. As one of the first Englishmen to play bluegrass and American folk in a string band with his brothers, he was influential in bringing American music to the English folk circuit. He lived for 2 years in the U.S.A. and Canada, playing in bluegrass and folk bands, sitting in with many name acts, before returning to Europe and eventually settling 1980 in the Munich area. Trevor also played with Paul in "Kentucky Bluefield”. Trevor fills in on occasion with various acoustic, country and Irish folk bands and works as a studio musician. Trevor lives south of Munich near Starnberg, Germany.  
  Contact Trevor Morriss: trevor [at] matchingties [dot] com  

Peter Corbett (Ireland) fiddle (violin) and vocal
Peter was born in Dublin, and grew up in central Ireland near Mullingar in County Westmeath. In the early 1970’s he began to learn folk fiddle in sessions with the O’Connor family and other well-known Irish musicians in the legendary music villages of Murroe and Dundalk, Ireland. Moving to Germany in 1983 Peter has since played in many bands including a duo with Steve Shorrock “Devil’s Dilemma”, the Berlin band “Shanahan and Co.”, and “Na Ciotogi” as well as working as a studio musician. Peter lives in Fuerth next to Nuremberg, Germany. He joined “Matching Ties” in 2011.  
Konrad Stock (Munich, Germany) bodhrán, scottish and border bagpipes, tin whistles, percussions
Konrad was born and raised in the Gruenwald south of Munich, Germany. Although his duties as a doctor are very time consuming, he finds time to play folk music at a very high level. His main instrument is the bagpipes, but he is also a very accomplished bodhrán and tin whistle player. Having spent some time in Scotland and England where he honed his skills as a folk musician, he attended the famous College of Piping in Glasgow.  A friendly and familiar face in the German folk music scene, he is a regular at sessions and festivals and plays on occasion in the well known German rock band “The Seer”.  
Jessica Lombardi (Italy) Irish wooden flute, whistles, bodhrán, piva (Mediterranean bagpipes) and vocals

Jessica began to play the flute at the age of 11. Upon graduation from musical high school in Arezzo, Italy she then studied at the Cherubini Conservatory of Music in Florence. After playing in ensembles and in theaters, she returned to get her master’s degree in Siena writing her theses on the “Music and National Identity of Irish Songs”. She played with musicians from Ireland and England in the Irish folk group “Dagda”, and with the Italian folk groups “Fiamma Fumana” and “Passo Verso Nord” with which she recorded CDs and toured Europe and the U.S. In 2011 she came to Munich, Germany, joining Matching Ties in 2015.


Guest Musicians

Guest musicians in our quintet, see Line-Ups


Matching Ties is a concert band and prefers audiences that listen. That doesn’t mean that the audience shouldn’t have a good time or participate in their show. Private and company parties engagements are also possible, but we advise that you be sure that your guests desire to hear our styles music.                                                                                                                                              

Equipment and publicity materials

Photos and press text can be downloaded from the Download page of this website. Posters (DIN A2, Duo also in A3) for all Matching Ties line-ups can be delivered free of charge (generally 50 per engagement). PA system and lighting can be provided for 20 to 500 listeners. For larger events, larger PA systems, lighting and stages can be rented. Playing acoustic without a PA is also possible and welcome if the venue and audiences allow.


Selected performances

D – Matching Ties Irish Folk Nights mit/with dancers: Schloss Amerang, Stadtsaal Neuoetting, Stadtsaal Dillingen, Open Air Pfarrgarten Donauwoerth, Postsaal Trostberg, Kloster Baumburg, Buergerhaus Eching, Kupferhaus Planegg, Taufkirchen bei Muenchen, Schloss Maxhofen,
Factory Inn Selb, Attl bei Wasserburg, Salzachhalle Laufen, Kursaal Prien u.v.m./and many more
D – Nürnberg, Bardentreffen (World Music Festival)
D – Balve, Irish Folk Festival, Balver Höhle
D – Bonfeld, Folk im Schlosshof
D – Taunusstein, Folk Club, Celtic Night
D – Homberg, Hessen Folk Festival
D-Zaisersweier, Irish Folk Nights
D-Hattersheim, Folk Festival Posthof
D – Hirschberg, Saasemer Folk & Shanty Festival
D – München, Tollwood Festival
D – Singen, Hohentwiel Burgfest
D – Stuttgart, Stadtfest (City Festival)
D – Kempten, Jazz Frühling
D-Erding, Sinnflut Festival
D-Willofs, Veteranan Treff & End of Summer Festivals
GB/IRL - Kreuzfahrtschiff / Cruise Ship (England, Scotland & Ireland)
I-Ameglia, Tra Fiume e Mare Concert Series
I-Trento, Triskell Folk Festival
I - Friuli, Folkest Festival
I – San Marino, Castle Concerts
I – Verona, Concerti Caligeri (Piazza Dante)
I – Udine, Folk Club Buttrio & Madame Guitar Festival
I – Lecce, Salento Guitar Festival
A – Waidhofen, Musikfest
A – Finkenstein, Burgarena, Irish Folk Festival
A – Mayrhofen, Country, Folk & Blues Festival
A- Klagenfurt, Altstadtzauber (City Cultural Festival)
A- Spittal, Guitarena Concerts, Castle Porcia
CZ-Telc, Beltine Folk Festival
CZ – Prague Culture Palace, International Dobro Festival
SK - Trnava, International Dobrofest
SLO – Bled, Okarina Folk Festival
SLO – Maribor, Lent Music Festival
F- Craponne, Rendez-Vous Festival
H – Tatabanya, Blues Festival
H – Balaton, Countrynental Festival
CH – Schaffhausen, Over Easy Bluegrass Festival
CH -  Zürich, Albisguetli Festival
CH – Thun, Bluegrass Festival
CH – Stetten, Bluegrass Family Festival
USA – Pennsylvania, Folk Festival
USA – Boston, Club Passim
USA – Tour Oct-Nov. 2008, 12 concerts in the northwestern U.S.


  - Irish-Folk-Night-Bruckmuehl - Quartet Ummendorf - Quartet with Rosena Horan Rammingen  
  - Duo Zwiefalten   - Quintett St. Patrick's Day Planegg  
  - Duo "am Stoa" Wasserburg - Trio Folkfestival im Schlosshof - Irish Folk Night Dillingen  
  - Duo Taglaching - Trio Schwebheim - Quartet Eberbach  
  - Duo Freistett "Ku-Stall" - Trio Erding    

Matching Ties is a concert band and prefers audiences that listen. That doesn’t mean that the audience shouldn’t have a good time or participate in their show. Private and company parties engagements are also possible, but we advise that you be sure that your guests desire to hear our styles music.

  Due to the Covid19 crisis please keep checking back on this page to see if the individual concert dates below will take place.  
  January 2021  
Canceled - new date Fri. 21.1.2022 - Matching Ties-Quartet, 22. January 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-91757 Treuchtlingen, Kulturzentrum (Cultural center) Altes Forsthaus, Verein für Interkulturelle Begegnung e.V.
Canceled, new date? tba Paul Stowe-solo, 28. January 2021 - 20:00-22:00 hrs. www.paulstowe.com
D-81737 München, Kulturhaus (cultural center) Neuperlach, Live im Foyer, Albert-Schweitzer-Str. 62
Canceled, new date 2022? TBA Grass Root Ties, 30. January 2021 - 20:00 hrs. www.grassrootties.com
D-88499 Riedlingen, Johannes-Zwick-Haus, Goldbronnenstr. 1
  February 2021  
Canceled, new date autumn 2021? tba - Grass Root Ties, 06. February 2021 - 20:00 hrs. www.grassrootties.com
D-77656 Offenburg, EWG Hildboltsweier, Jergerheim, Tulpenweg 16a
Paul Stowe-solo, 26. February 2021 - 20:30 hrs. www.paulstowe.com
D-74638 Waldenburg, Gleis 1, (train station) Am Bahnhof
Matching Ties-Trio, 27. February 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-83370 Seeon, Klosterstueberl (restaurant in former monastery)
  March 2021  
Matching Ties-Quintett, 05. March 2021 - 20:00 Uhr
D-83391 Burgau, Kapuzinerhalle, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!+ "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
www.burgau.de Karten & Infos:https://burgau.reservix.de/tickets
Matching Ties-Quartet, 06. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-88319 Aitrach, Festhalle (town auditorium), Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY! + "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
Matching Ties-Duo, 10. March 2021 - 18:30-20:30 hrs.
D-88529 Zwiefalten, ZfP Klinik (psych. clinic), Casino (cafeteria hall), Hauptstr. 9
Matching Ties-Quintet, 12. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-85356 Freising Lindenkeller, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!+ "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
Canceled, new date tbc 19.11.2022- Matching Ties-Quintett, 13. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-93138 Lappersdorf, Aurelium, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
Matching Ties-Duo, 18. March 2021 - 19:30 hrs.
D-84359 Simbach, Freies Musikzentrum, Bahnhofstr. 4, St. Patrick's Day
canceled - new date Sat. 20.3.2022 - Matching Ties-Trio, 20. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-85259 Altomunster-Thalhausen, Weilachmuehle, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!+ "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
Matching Ties-Duo, 25. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-83043 Bad Aibling, Gellings (Irish Pub), Bahnhofstr. 11, Saitenspruenge guitar festival
Matching Ties-Duo, 27. March 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-85560 Ebersberg, Praxis für Kultur , Kulturfruehling (Spring Cultural Festival), Heinrich-Vogl-Str. 4
  April 2021  
Matching Ties-Quartet, 07. April 2021 - 20:30 hrs.
I-39019 Dorf Tirol, Kulturfruehling (Cultural Spring), Stadel (Barn) Hotel Mair am Turm
Matching Ties-Quartet, 23. April 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-74357 Boennigheim, Kulturfenster, Kulturkeller, Burgplatz 1
Matching Ties-Quintett, 24. April 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-89407 Dillingen/Donau, Stadtsaal am Kolpinplatz, 15. Irish Folk Night + "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers" + JOHN DOYLE & MICK McAuley (IRL)
  May 2021  
Paul Stowe-solo, 12. May 2021 - 17:00-approx. 21:00 hrs. www.paulstowe.com
D-85440 Haar, Kleines Theater Cafe, Feierabend (if nice weather in beer garden)
  June 2021  
Matching Ties-Quartet, 11. June 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-30890 Barsinghausen, Kulturfabrik Krawatte
  July 2021  
Matching Ties-Duo, 15. July 2021 - 19:00 hrs. tba
D-85661 Aichach-Obermauerbach, Canada, Beer Garden, Hofmarkstr. 5a
  August 2021  
Grass Root Ties, 21. August 2021 - 21:00-0:30 hrs. www.grassrootties.com
D-94535 Eging am See, Pullmann City, Bluegrass Weekend
  September 2021  
Matching Ties-Quartet, 17. September 2021 - beginning 18:00 hrs
D-72622 Nuertingen, Folkival, Club Kuckucksei, Neckarstr. 14
Matching Ties-Quartet, 24. September 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-90475 Nuernberg-Brunn, Kultur in Brunn, Vereinsheim des SV Brunn (sport club, club house)
  October 2021  
new date! Matching Ties-Trio & Craobh Rua (Belfast), 07. October 2021 - 20:00 hrs. www.craobhrua.com
D-59425, Holzwickede, Haus Opeherdicke
New Date! Matching Ties-Trio & Craobh Rua (Belfast), 08. October 2021 - 20:00 hrs. www.craobhrua.com
D-83308 Trostberg, Irish Folk Night, Postsaal, Marktmuelleranger 1
Matching Ties-Quartet & Craobh Rua & other bands, 09. October 2021 - 19:00 hrs. www.craobhrua.com
D-94535 Eging am See, Pullmann City, Irish Weekend
Matching Ties-Quartet, 16. October 2021 - 20:00 hrs.
D-88444 Ummendorf, Kulturkreis, Foyer der Gemeindehalle (foyer town auditorium)
  November 2021  
  December 2021  
new date Matching Ties-Duo, 16. December 2021 - 19:30 hrs.
D-80336 Muenchen, CVJM (YMCA), Landwehrstr. 13, Weihnachtskonzert
  January 2022  
new date Matching Ties-Quartet, 21. January 2022 - 20:00 hrs.
D-91757 Treuchtlingen, Kulturzentrum (Cultural center) Altes Forsthaus, Verein für Interkulturelle Begegnung e.V.
  February 2022  
Matching Ties-Duo, 05. February 2022 - 20:00 hrs
D-85395 Attenkirchen, Tutuguri, Bachfeldhaus, Am Bachfeld 8
  March 2022  
Matching Ties-Quartet, 18. March 2022 - 20:00 hrs
D-85440 Haar, Kleines Theater, Casinostr. 6, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!+ "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
new date - Matching Ties-Trio, 19. March 2022 - 20:00 hrs.
D-85259 Altomunster-Thalhausen, Weilachmuehle, Irish Folk Night / ST. PATRICK'S DAY!+ "O´Brannlaig Rinceoir Irish Dancers"
  April 2022  
Grass Root Ties, 30. April 2021 - 20:00 hrs. www.grassrootties.com
D-989584 Ehingen, Lindenhalle, Bluegrass & Country Night + Craobh Rua (IRL)




DVD & CDs Buy/Listen

  1. City of Chicago 9. Wild Mountain Thyme
  2. Scotsman Over the Border/Donnybrook Fair/Garrett Barry’s 10. Hard Times of Old England
  3. Border Reveir 11. An Spailpin Fanách
  4. From Clare to Here 12. Morrison’s Jig / Kid on the Mountain
  5. The Little Beggar Man (Girl) 13. The Northwest Passage
  6. Thomas’ Morris/Postman’s Polka 14. Johnny’s Wedding/Teetotaler’s Reel/The High Ree
  7. The Bonny Ship the Diamond 15. Sweet Music Roll On
  8. Here’s a Health to the Company  
  Musicians: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Peter Corbett, Konrad Stock
MATCHING TIES "Here's a Health to the Company" MT-CD-06 . produced by Matching Ties 2015
Paul Stowe CD “Ten Thousand Miles I’ve Travelled” using order form on www.paulstowe.com or order hier!
1. The Day I Shook the President’s Hand
2. Key to the Highway
3. Refugees
4. King of the Fairies/Flowers of Edinburg/Rights of Man
5. Little Sadie
6. Dixie Chicken
7. Pastures of Plenty
8. Oxford Town
9. Big Boss Man
10. The Terrible Tour of Eighty-Five
11. How Dear to Me (Planxty Irwin) /
Sí Beag, Sí Mór

12. Galway Girl
13. Gunshot Thunder
14. Banks of Lough Gamhna/Dan Sullivan's Father's/The Old Favourite
15. Brown Sugar
16. Boys of Bedlam
17. Wexford Lullaby
Musicians & Performers: Paul Stowe
DVD "25 Year Anniversary Performances" / Now available as DVD/CD Set (see order form right)!

1) The Cuckoo’s Nest / St. Anne’s Reel
2) The Holy Well
3) Carrickfergus / The Water is Wide
4) My Little Fiddle
5) The Skye and Mingulay Boat Songs
6) In the Summertime
7) Red is the Rose
8) Ragtime Annie / Golden Slippers
9) Summertime
10) Keeping the Boat Afloat
11) Let’s Make a Baby King

12) Rout of the Blues / Bonaparte’s Retreat
13) Colm’s Lilt
14) Drowsy Maggie
15) The Flowing Bowl
16) Antics
17) The Jolly Beggar Man / The Wise Maid

18) The Jolly Beggar Man / The Wise Maid
19) Wild Mountain Thyme
20) Photo Gallery


Musicians & Performers: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Georg Bähr, Colm O'Tuama, Thomas Kärner,
Konrad Stock
Guests: Christian Hedwitschak, Dermot Hyde, Tom Hake, The Tir na nÓg Dance Troupe

„Across the Sea“
  1. What Are We Gonna Do 9. The Skye and Mingulay Boat Songs
  2. Across The Sea 10. Eric The Conqueror
  3. The Plains of Kildare 11. Larissa's Dance
  4. Keeping the Boat Afloat 12. Dance In The Morning
  5. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy 13. Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
  6. Elisa / There She Goes 14. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  7. The Cuckoo's Nest / St. Anne's Reel 15. Come Together
  8. The Boys of Killybegs  
  Musicians: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Georg Bähr, Thomas Kärner, Paul Richards, Colm O'Tuama, Dave Bell, Michael Franzelin
MATCHING TIES "Across The Sea" MT-CD-04 . produced by Matching Ties 2006
„Funky Folk & Swingin‘ Blues – Live“
  1. Elisa/There She Goes 9. Raglan Road
  2. Shady Grove 10. Lady Be Good
  3. Dirty Old Town 11. Java Jive
  4. Jock Stewart 12. Come In My Kithchen / If I Had Posession Over Judgement
  5. Mairi´s Wedding 13. Walk On Boy
  6. Salt Creek 14. Honky Tonkin'
  7. John Gaudie 15. Cakewalk Into Town
  8. Midnight Flyer 16. Trouble In Mind
  Musicians: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Uwe Zeeb, Claudio Della Penna
MATCHING TIES "Live - Funky Folk & Swingin´ Blues" . MT-CD-03 . produced by Matching Ties 1999
"Crossing The Bridge"
  1. Gravy Train 9. Love The One You're With
  2. Walk Off 10. My Little Fiddle
  3. Dead In The Piazza 11. Terraplane Blues
  4. Handsome Molly 12. Crossing The Bridge
  5. How High The Moon 13. Queen Of All Argyle
  6. Robin's Dream 14. Penny Lane
  7. Thirteen Question Method 15. I'm Walking
  8. Bill The Plastic Bag Man  

Musicians: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Uwe Zeeb, Claudio Della Penna
Guests: Lodi Van Vlodrop, Jaroslav Tomes, Offer Singer
CROSSING THE BRIDGE . MT-CD-02 . produced by Matching Ties 1997

"NO 1"
  Temporarily available only as MP3 download
  1. No Expectations 8. Feeling Just About Half Alive
  2. Miss Molly 9. Fogerty's Cove / The Bounce
  3. John Henry 10. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
  4. Saint James Infirmary 11. Ivy County
  5. Beaumont Rag/Lonesome Fiddle Blues 12. Marrakesh Express
  6. Rout Of The Blues 13. Match Your Tie
  7. She Took Off My Romeos  

Musicians: Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss, Uwe Zeeb, Horacio Cantu
Guests: Mark Stoffel, Wil Maring, Tony Ramos, Andi List, Offer Singer
MATCHING TIES No. 1 . MT-CD-01 . produced by Matching Ties 1994


Matching Ties Videos

  Matching Ties – Band Demo  
  Irish Folk Night – Demo, Matching Ties & dancers
  Matching Ties & O’Brannlaig Rinceoir dancers: Scotsman Over the Border
  Matching Ties Quintet: Johnny’s Wedding
  Matching Ties & O’Brannlaig Rinceoir dancers: The White Petticoat
  Matching Ties – Trio: Hard Times of Old England
  Matching Ties – Duo: The Bonny Ship the Diamond
  Matching Ties Quintet: Wild Mountain Thyme
  Matching Ties Quintet: The Little Beggar Man (Girl)


  Musicians | Bands | Dancers
    Pipeline (Celtic folk duo) www.pipeline-music.com    

Bachelors Walk (Irish folk band) www.bachelorswalk.de


The Burning Biscuit Band (Munich based folk band)


The Paul Daly Band (Munich based Irish folk band) www.pauldalyband.de

    Michael Fix (Australia’s Guitarist of the Year)

Chris Proctor (U.S. National Finger-picking Champion)


Artes Konzertbüro (Celtic music booking agency Germany) www.artes-konzertbuero.de
representing / im Programm u.a.: www.caramusic.com, www.moremaids.de

    Tir na nÓg Irish Dance Troupe (Irish dancers)
    fine newcomer Irish folk group
    Dublin folk rock trio
  Promoters | Festivals

Greenfarm Festival www.greenfarmfestival.com


Folk Club Buttrio

  Music Biz

UE-Spionjak (video and web services Bavaria)


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The Duo
Paul Stowe & Trevor Morriss
The Duo
Paul Stowe & Trevor Morriss
The Duo
Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss
The Trio
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett,
The Trio
Peter Corbett, Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss
The Quartet
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett, Konrad Stock
The Quartet
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett, Konrad Stock
1312 x 1668
300 dpi
2000 x 1312
300 dpi
2953 x 2022
300 dpi
2500 x 1994
300 dpi
2953 x 2022
300 dpi
1493 x 925
300 dpi
1700 x 1200
300 dpi
The Duo
Paul Stowe & Trevor Morriss
The Duo
Paul Stowe & Trevor Morriss
  The Trio
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett,
The Trio
Peter Corbett, Paul Stowe, Trevor Morriss
The Quartet
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett, Jessica Lombardi
The Quintet
Trevor Morriss, Paul Stowe, Peter Corbett, Jessica Lombardi, Konrad Stock
3632 x 2160
300 dpi
3456 x 4014
300 dpi
  1495 x 780
300 dpi
2500 x 1257
300 dpi
2953 x 2022
300 dpi
3000 x 1800
300 dpi
Poster     Poster Poster Poster -The Band  
Paul Stowe Solo Paul Stowe Solo Paul Stowe Solo The Duo The Duo 300 dpi / PDF  
1312 x 2000
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2480 x 3720
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300 dpi
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